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Restricted To Beer will be available soon.

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Restricted To Beer


From Kildare, Paul Grogan joins the army, leaving Siobhan Murphy, the girl he's always loved and who he believes had deserted him. Demobbed years later, he returns to take up a job at a prominent racing yard. No girl since, none had compared to Siobhan.


Patrick, Siobhan’s brother had always attracted trouble. Now he was associated with betting scams and money laundering. Then a thug dies. Death by telescope it was – a first in Kildare. So too was chucking the stiff at the police from the top floor balcony. An underworld contract is placed on Patrick. Paul is trapped by his Achilles Heel of loyalty.

A little about myself


Born in 1958, educated at a Manchester grammar school, I was only interested in art and writing back then. I fully intended to embark on such a career but that somehow got turned into telecoms engineering, picking up a Maths and Science Degree in the process. Further off course I drifted – to IT consultant, work that took me across Europe for several years. Those long separations from my wife and children were hard but filled by writing this novel, uniting me with my first love, a blessing of a kind. Married to Jane for 28 years we have three children and er four grandchildren (some older than the children).


Two writers who have had a profound effect on me are Erich Maria Remarque and Spike Milligan – two witnesses to the same horrors with different perspectives. Restricted To Beer is a comedy-thriller. A genre for those times when we don't know whether to laugh or cry. 

Siobhan Murphy